Viking Ale Bowl - Double

Viking Ale Bowl
Also called Kjenge, these bowls gained popularity around mid-1700 through present day and are still found in most farm houses and rural Norwegian homes. Beer was brewed in Norwegian homes to celebrate important holidays like weddings, funerals, Baptisms, Christmas and New Year’s. It would be traditionally served in ale bowls and would be passed among family members. The design of the bowls would represent not only the heritage of each family but also a symbol of both status and fertility. As generations came and went, the ale bowl along with other heirloom furnishings would be passed down among family members tying the ale bowl to a specific area and family.

Materials: Mahogany 

Dimensions: 12 x 4.5 x 7

Product Number: VM-16-6

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Category: Blue Frogs Company, Wood Carvings

Type: Giftware

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