About Us

Today, Celtic Creations offers the finest selection of gold and silver Celtic jewellery in Canada.

We also carry nearly everything under the Irish sun: hats by Muckross Weavers, pewter from Mullingar Pewter, belts and buckles from Lee River belts, and Ogham Wishes hand painted by Ethel Kelly.

But this wasn’t always so.

Born in the very south of Ireland, Helen Ritchie was raised on the cultural influences of County Cork. She immigrated to Vancouver with her family in 1987, but like many before her, she missed her homeland. To bridge the distance, she decorated her home with Celtic designs. Since so many Canadians either had Celtic roots or newfound appreciation for Celtic culture, Helen decided to open a store and share her heritage.

Now, each year, Helen returns home to visit family and discover more Celtic treasures to bring back to her customers.